Virtute the Cat and a Grumpy Old Dog

don’t be silly now and lift those ears back up

i stopped chasing the likes of you many years ago

i come here to scavenge the trash cans for left over luncheon

and i’ve been watching you since the day you first appeared

and i can tell you’re fed up with those fat molly birds

and the roar of the steel through the days haunts your dreams

whatever brought you here it’s all the way back there

and you seem a bit lost not belonging anywhere

so you might as well join me for a while in my lair

i’ve an old barn on a long abandoned farm

that will sing you a song when the wind plays the shingles

it’s dry and it’s warm and there’s plenty of straw

there’s field mice and spiders and a variety of crunchy bugs for desert

so you rub your head against the roof beams up there

and i’ll leave my marks in the corners down here

i’m happy you came we’ll have much to share

about the people we’ve known and the places we’ve been

and how basset hounds don’t know a snarl from a purr

when autumn and winter have made your tongue rougher

your voice sounding harsh and your hair stout as wire

you ears will pick up on the growing of grass

and the song of the barn, you will find, can soothe your desire

now i’ve always thought that you cats are like rivers

while dogs are like lakes and i finally know that it’s true

when you say that you followed the moon through the night

while i bark at her trying to pull up a tide

let me tell you the next time she calls you

to part and to start up you’re next life somewhere

you may leave here and never remember this dog,

a word that i spoke, but there’s some things that linger

your tongue will be rougher, your voice sounding harsher,

your hair will be wiry, you’ll still hear the growing of grass

and though every sound be forgotten some day

you will always remember the song of the barn

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