daddy’s on the rooftop dancing for a little rain
mommy’s in the basement reading dirty magazines
billy’s in the bathroom working on the cherry pop
shelley’s in the kitchen stirring up the medicine

it’s going to your head
and it’s pushing and it’s pounding but i reckon
you gotta let it flow
when you’re dancing rock’n’roll with the devil

horses in the hallway johnny got a little scared
tomboy tomboy patty on a coffee spree
rob a dob bob brother there is no way outta here
howling yowling allen had to pass the torch

wrap in up in tin foil bite your tongue and desecrate
tasteful wasteful tangerine and neon blue
court dogs war whores lapping up the gasoline
coal train cold rain colony for sale
and your heart is pumping jelly and your heart is pumping bile and your heart is pumping malice and your heart is pumping fire

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